Spring Beauties

Selective Focus Photography

Those of you who know me may think I’m a level-headed, no nonsense, analytical person. My favourite subject “The Ingredients” might lead you to believe so. But there’s another side of me: the side that loves images that are mostly out of focus. To describe the art of Selective Focus Flower Photography (an endangered species) I need to use flowery language. Flowery hyperboles. Hang on, here we go.

Selective focus photography can take the viewer to an enchanting macro dimension, which is hidden from the naked eye. In this dimension, an intimate and sensuous simplicity of nature is revealed, giving these images powerful emotional impact.

Selective focus can be particularly effective in showing the fleeting nature of wildflowers, as their ephemeral blooms are often a key aspect of their allure.

These images (like this one of Spring Beauties) are created by using a long, large-aperture macro lens, and moving in closely on the subject. The presence of similar flowers in a blurred background adds the strong ingredient of colour harmony. Ingredients: Extreme simplicity, The unusual, Emotional impact, Colour harmony.