About Peter

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Hi. I’m Peter. Welcome to my domain.

I grew up and studied medicine in Holland. In 1968, I came to Canada for a short residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. I took my first walk in the woods in autumn, near Algonquin park. During that walk, I made up my mind. This was THE place to live, for myself and for my children.

I emigrated in 1970 and established myself in Mississauga, Ontario.

Since then I've spent much of my free time trying to capture nature's beauty to inspire others to share my passion and to help preserve nature.

In addition to photographing, I produced and presented medium-format audio-visual presentations featuring nature photography. I gave many shows, not just across Canada but also in New England, Los Angeles, in Fort Myers (Florida), and many other places. I was sponsored by Fujifilm and was a member of the Fujifilm USA talent team.

Stock Photography was a natural spin-off from all this activity. You’ll still find my older images with the few remaining stock agencies.

My images have been published in many books celebrating the beauty of nature, including: Endangered Spaces (Monte Hummel, WWF); The Last Wilderness (edited by Freeman Patterson); and Canada, These Things We Hold Dear - a Centennial Celebration (edited by Lorraine Monk.)

I joined the digital age early on and have not looked back. I continue to explore the ever-expanding opportunities of the digital world.

Hope to see you and hopefully inspire you, anywhere beautiful, on our precious "pale blue dot."