Sunset on the West Coast

Sunset on the West Coast

Here is another west coast sunset. I set up for this one on some rocks and I had fun shooting until…the bugs found me.

The digital ‘revolution’ has been a seismic event for photographers. Costly film is all but gone. And yet, now there is a hidden cost we incur in the time we choose to spend editing our work. The editing has very much become part of the creative process of photography. The actual shoot is just the beginning of the creative process. The images can be and should be refined and polished in the digital darkroom. That is where we create the image that reflects how we truly felt about the subject.

Liquid gold flows from the sun, down the little channel between the rocks, towards the right bottom of the image. That is the main ‘Ingredient’ and visual design of this image.

In the original Raw image there is virtually no light on the water that flows along the bottom of the image. The realisation that this light was an important ingredient for this image, made me carefully increase the exposure on that area in Post Production.

Sony- ILCE7R Mkll, Lens: FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS, ISO 200, f20, 1/400th sec. Tripod.