Steller's Sea Lions

Steller's Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatas)

Ucluelet, British Columbia.

Here’s a typical Steller’s Sea Lion rookery during the mating season. The dominant male is in the dominant position and a younger/smaller male is challenging his authority. The big bully is punished for this selfish behaviour by having to fast. In this society males can’t have both sex and food. They must choose.

The dominant males can weigh well over 2000 lbs.

On this trip, marine biologist and radiologist David Clow was my buddy and guide and I thank him and my daughter Vanessa for convincing me to shoot things that move. (in this case WE did most of the moving!) Movement makes things complicated. But with the CMOS sensors and fast shutter speeds and a rapid-burst camera setting luck may be on your side. I took 450 images of sea lions and seals. I have maybe four useful images to show for.

The Ingredient for success in this image is quite obviously the nature story and how testosterone can produce the ultimate bully.