Spring is Late

Spring is Late

Spring is late this year. It should be here next week but the ground is still frozen.

But we can make our own spring. Such a lucky bunch we are.

This image is a couple of years old. I thought this was a reject but Topaz came to the rescue. Treated with Topaz Impression 2 and Georgia O’Keefe’s approach, this pic really came to life. A small vignette gave it the final touch.

Ingredients: nice visual order (triangle shape for the eye to follow), The Unusual (thanks to Topaz.)

As I mentioned before: keeping your borderline rejects is a good idea. Sooner or later you may discover some post-processing approach that will rescue them.

Sony @7R Camera, ISO 50, Carl Zeiss 24-70 Vario Tessar Zoom at 60 mm, f22, 1/6th sec, tripod, overcast day.