Pete's Peat

Pete's Peat

My interest in photography grew from small beginnings.

It started with wild orchids and I spent a few years searching for Ontario’s most photogenic species. Then I moved to lichen. Because orchids and lichen often hang out in peat, peat was next. So here’s a pic from the years of Pete's peat passion.

I have moved on since then, but even today, hiking past a patch of peat with some brilliant Hygrophorus Miniatus mushrooms, I have to check it out… Invariably my darling rolls her eyes: “Come on Petey! Let's move!”

This was my first image that showed simplicity and balance of two subjects. I was just starting to figure things out.

Camera: Canon Ftb, 50 mm macro. Kodachrome 64. Settings unrecorded. Imacon/Hasselblad virtual drum scanner.