My Pet Dinosaur

My Pet Dinosaur

Yesterday, as I was writing posts for this blog, my friend here pecked on the window. We live in Etobicoke close to the Humber river.

I don’t have any illusions that he was looking for me. He was checking out his rival in the window’s reflection.

He has been a regular visitor for a couple of years. We think he met a lady last year because we heard them calling each other. Earlier this year we met the fruits of their labour, three juveniles, but we have yet to meet his lady.

My daughter knows him as well through her work at the Toronto Wildlife Centre. She works the phones and she gets calls from our neighbours worried that there is a turkey stuck on their roof. My daughter replies: ”Ah, that’s my dad’s turkey. He’s fine.” My friend actually flies quite well and spends the nights in trees. Coyotes have a taste for turkey too!

He is very camera shy and I need to open the window before his arrival because he is easily spooked. I set the camera at Focal length 400 mm, f6.3, ISO at 250. I can support the camera. I only try this on cloudy days to keep the contrast low.

This crop shows him off nicely with a nice S-curve leading to his colourful head.