Kohleria Affinis

Kohleria Affinis

This image shows a little gem I ran into, hiking the trails at Bellavista Cloud Forest, Ecuador.

Bellavista was a fascinatingly damp place. In two days we ran out of dry clothes.

This is a pictorial selective focus image. The most attractive parts of the flower are sharp enough. The image gains artistic appeal due to the unusual subject, simplicity and pleasing softness of the background. I used an LED flashlight to light the subject and the balance of the light was adjusted by varying the light’s distance. Ingredients: Simplicity, Unusual, Interesting Lighting.

My objective when shooting is to create something artistic. Something that would look great on my wall. All other considerations, whether related to category or judge’s opinions I carefully forget.

Canon 5D Mll, 100mm Macro 2.8L ISO 500, f3.5, 1/200th sec. Tripod, LED spot.