Do Elephants Jump?

An Unbehaved Elephant

This Christmas, our family played a trivia game. “Which mammal cannot jump?” was one question.

The answer: the elephant.

At a workshop last week, I demonstrated that even an elephant can be convinced to jump. It takes a bit of Photoshop magic and I rarely do anything this daft in public. But this Elephant was walking out of my picture. A well-mannered elephant is supposed to walk into the picture!

Never mention this to a naturalist because they don’t approve of Photoshop’s hanky-panky. They feel that things are the way they are because they were the way they were. And they have a good point.

I made a copy of the original and turned the entire copy 180 degrees. In the copy the elephant now faced left. I made a selection of the left facing elephant which included some surrounding bushes. Then I moved the better behaved elephant back into the original image, covering his original self. The merger line was virtually invisible. Photoshop is hard to learn, but it can be a lot of fun.

PS - this picture is the original with the "unbehaved" elephant! See above for the "behaved" version.